Dear Neva Oslo customer,

When I started Neva back in 2014, it was everything but a business plan. After having suffered from a severe pre & postnatal depression, I needed an outlet, an art therapy, and Neva was a survival instinct. I was pretty sure I would never have another child, even though I craved one deeply, so I named it Neva – the daughter I thought I would never have.

I will never forget placing my second son Johann, at 9 months old, in the seat of the car I had borrowed from my mother-in-law, driving around Bratislava to find a goldsmith who would produce the first prototype of my imagined alphabet bracelet. No one around me understood what I was up to, but something inside me was urging med forward.

By 2019 my jewellery practice had become quite established. Neva had become a small brand, we moved our production to Italy, and behind me I had my first global collaboration with Bonpoint. My heart was full, despite a third child being our biggest unfulfilled dream. On a long-dreamt trip to Japan we had a calling, and our beloved daughter was conceived.

On March 25th 2020, the cherry trees of Tokyo were blooming, with the world in full swirl due to the pandemic. No one could have prepared us for what was coming. Despite the world being in a state of panic, I was calmer than ever. My baby girl arrived strong, looking into my eyes, her soft body against mine. She was ready to heal all my wounds, and so was I. We gave her the name Sakura, meaning cherry blossom in Japanese.

Having to grapple with big changes - both personal and global, both good and bad, 2020 was a year of contemplation. The world has slowed down, and I have spent hours reconnecting with nature strolling my daughter. A feeling of restlessness of many years has been replaced by a state of calm. It has urged me to look at the world through new eyes and think differently about the way I practice my life and values. After launching my collaboration with Arket under my own name, a new chapter started to appear in my mind.

The idea of relaunching my jewellery concept feels like a natural, as well as a, necessary change. Not only do I have a real-life daughter called Sakura and she is better than any dream I ever had, but I also finally feel confident to create under my own name. Starting a new chapter doesn’t mean I’m taking Neva away, but rather giving even more of myself. For me Spustova is rather a rebirth than a new start of this journey, which is just as much a personal as a professional one. Despite having many professional challenges and delays this year because of Covid, working on a new vision has brought me immense joy and satisfaction. It simply feels right.

Before launching our new collection and webstore during the fall of 2021, we will slowly present the Spustova universe on IG.

As Spustova, you can rest assured that we will continue to be here for you and offer our service for you and your Neva items.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you dearly. Your support has been absolutely crucial in creating this dream and means the world to me. Thank you for every single product purchased, every email, kind word and silent support.

With love, yours
Zuzana Spustova